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Life Jacket - Adapted International


The Personal Floatation Device-Adapted PFD-A's maintain the body stretched out in a dorsal position. They ensure greater stability in cases of morphological dysfunctions, involuntary sudden reflexes or loss of consciousness. They greatly increase users' confidence. Available in sizes 20 lbs (9 kg) to 190 lbs (86 kg)


Life jacket Lj-A's allows individuals to swim comfortably on their stomach and to float on their back. It reassures the most apprehensive users and gives them freedom to acquire autonomy. Great capacity to bring the face out of the water almost instantly. Available in sizes 18 lb (9 kg) to 250 lb (115 kg)


Life Jacket-Adapted created a new safety vest able to maintain effectively one person on vertical. We call this latest Lj-V. Satisfy the need of verticality in clients with multiple handicaps. Great capacity to keep the body to the vertical, instantly. Sizes available: 45-75 lb (20-34 kg) and 75-145 lb (34-66 kg)


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